MacOS: Installing Applications via Self Service

UTHSC offers several applications/software that can be installed on your UTHSC-owned device. Self Service will show which applications/software are available to you or already installed on your device. 

Open Self Service

  1. Finder Menu > Go > Applications.
  2. Click Finder.
  3. Click on Applications Folder
  4. Scroll until you find Self Service.
  5. Double click Self Service.

Installing Applications

  1. Open Self Service.
  2. Select the application you would like to install.
  3. Click the Install button.
  4. Wait for the software to finish installing.

Removing Applications

  1. Open the Applications folder.
  2. Scroll to the application you want to remove.
  3. Right click on the application and move to trash.
    • Enter Username and Password, if prompted.
    • Emptying the Trash is optional but should be done to regain disk space.

Additional Information

Contact the ITS Service Desk by calling 901.448.2222 or Report an Issue in TechConnect if:

  • If you do not see the software you want installed. 
  • An error happens during install or uninstall. Provide them with your NetID, computer name, and any error codes given for the application you tried to install/uninstall.