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OnBase Issues

OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and process management system used to scan and store documents, as well as create workflows to help processes move more efficiently. If you are a ... onbase ... What is it? Use this form to report problems with OnBase printing, login, scanning, etc. The UTHSC Business Productivity Solutions team supports OnBase for the campus.  Who Is Eligible to Use It? Faculty and staff Where Can I Get It? Click the Report Issue button

Data Ownership: OnBase

OnBase Data Ownership: Learn about the roles, responsibilities and differences between data owners, data stewards, and data custodians for UTHSC's OnBase environment. ... onbase ... How Does Data Ownership Apply to OnBase? Data Owner is responsible for: Defining the level of quality and standards for the documents scanned and indexed into OnBase Defining naming

Digitization to Digital Transformation (Dx)

onbase ... ITS’s goal is to support UTHSC during the digitization journey from paper to electronically stored documents, on the road towards full digital transformation (Dx)! Microsoft provides UTHSC with

Data Storage/Document Management

onbase ... What Is It? We all have data and documents that we create and work on during the course of our day.  Some data/documents contain highly sensitive information and others do not. Some data/documents

Understanding the Difference between OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams

Know when to use OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and OnBase ... We offer several storage solutions, but which one is the right one for your needs? Instead of using paper copies, your hard drive, MyDrive, VolShare, USB, external hard drive, departmental folders