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Know when to use OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and OnBase
OnBase Data Ownership: Learn about the roles, responsibilities and differences between data owners, data stewards, and data custodians for UTHSC's OnBase environment.
ITS’s goal is to support UTHSC during the digitization journey from paper to electronically stored documents, on the road towards full digital transformation (Dx)! We offer OnBase, OneDrive, and SharePoint as a digital/electronic solution to document storage.
How to create Unity Client shortcut
Windows users can learn how to use the Unity Client with this handy guide.
What to do when an option is greyed out and you can't choose it.
Online access for Mac users plus Online FAQs.
If you are off-campus and using OnBase, you must VPN into the network.
How to log out of OnBase Unity Client.
Unity Client is the windows all for OnBase. Mac users must use the online client.
Importing a document into Onbase.
Learn how to search for documents within the Unity Client.
Downloading a document in OnBase.
Learn how to clear your keywords in OnBase.