Update Your Zoom Settings


There are some default Zoom settings that you can change.


There are many Zoom settings that are set by default that you can change. 

To do this, you must first:

  1. Go to https://tennessee.zoom.us/.
  2. Click the Create or Edit Account button.
  3. You may be required to login with  your UTHSC NetID/password.
  4. Click Settings on the left.
    screen shot of UTK Zoom website

Waiting Room Settings

On the Settings page, you will see where Waiting Rooms is turned on. To turn this off, click the left side of this button and it will turn gray. This lets you know that this feature is now turned off.
Screenshot of Zoom settings page with waiting room turned off



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This is not something that any UTHSC faculty, staff or student needs to request. You already should have one. By logging in with your SSO into tennessee.zoom.us, you are accessing your UT Zoom Licensed (Pro) account. However, if you are not using Single Sign On or SSO to login, you will not see it.