NetID Password Help

What is it?

ITS Service Desk provides password support to faculty, staff, and students, as well as members and guest with an active UTHSC NetID.

Where Can I Get Help?

UTHSC Password Management

First Time Password & Security Questions Setup

Create a password and security questions to login to UTHSC systems.


Change Password

Do you know your password and just want to change it


Forgotten & Expired Password

Answer security questions and reset your NetID password


Unlock NetID Account

If your NetID account has been locked out due to repeated failed login attempts, and you know your password, you can unlock your account


Security Questions

Manage your existing security questions so you can reset your password online. 


Reset Departmental NetID Password

Are you the owner of a departmental NetID? Use this tool to reset or create a new password for your account. 


If further assistance is need, click Password Help button (to the right) or contact the UTHSC Service Desk 448-2222.

Password Help


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