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OneDrive is an Internet-based storage platform with a significant amount of space offered at no cost to you.
SharePoint is a suite of tools that allow for online collaboration including file sharing, data storage and retrieval, and workflow processes.
Learn more about Microsoft OneDrive storage.
Need a SharePoint site to save documents for your department or team? Create your own by following these instructions!
Microsoft article: Share OneDrive Files and Folders
Sponsor a NetID for a new employee prior to start date, visiting or adjunct faculty, someone working for UT but not paid by UT, or a retiree still doing work for the university.
Having trouble logging into a Zoom meeting? Try this!
Learn how to install and use Zoom.
Students Coming From UTC, UT Martin, UT Southern or UTK Campuses must initiate an account migration process.
Quick one page overview of OneDrive
Know when to use OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and OnBase
After setting up a SharePoint, you can access it through O365 in your browser. If you map a SharePoint drive to your computer, you can view your site in a Windows Explorer window or in a Mac Finder window.
OnBase Data Ownership: Learn about the roles, responsibilities and differences between data owners, data stewards, and data custodians for UTHSC's OnBase environment.
Learn more about ITS's strategy to move users from retiring storage to cloud-based storage.
UTHSC Microsoft 365 Email Setup Instructions for setting up Outlook for Windows, macOS, App (iOS | Android), and Other Mail App
Top Results may help you stay on top of your emails, but if it is more of a hinderance than a help, here's how to turn it off!
Get a brief overview of Outlook
Sunapsis empowers the international education community to proactively engage international students and scholars in maintaining legal immigration status by delivering comprehensive, flexible enterprise software with state-of-the-art case management and administrative tools.
Award Management was implemented for the College of Nursing to assist in managing their scholarship, Financial Aid data and internal award processes
Award Management was implemented for the College of Medicine to assist in managing their scholarship, Financial Aid data and internal award processes.