Using the Zoom Whiteboard


Learn how to use the whiteboard in Zoom to promote collaboration.


Zoom has a whiteboard feature to collaborate with others during meetings. It has many different tools (draw, shapes, lines, sticky notes, and text) and you can even create more than one page if you need a new "sheet" to work on.

One nice thing about a Zoom whiteboard is you can even set up your own whiteboard before the meeting, instead of populating it during the meeting. So, if you have something for people to look at and update, you can have that ready as soon as you share the whiteboard. And you can save several whiteboards!

To Set Up a Whiteboard Before a Meeting

  1. Log in to Zoom and click the Whiteboard icon at the top to set up before the meeting.
  2. Click the New button to start a new whiteboard.

To Access the Whiteboard During a Meeting

  1. Start the meeting and click on the Whiteboard icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Double click New Whiteboard (or double click an existing whiteboard).

Using the Whiteboard

  1. The toolbar offers more options if you click on an option (like the draw toolbar):
  2. For more information on using the toolbar, visit the Tech Republic article titled How to use the new Zoom Whiteboard for hybrid meetings.

Closing the Whiteboard

  1. To close the whiteboard, click Close Whiteboard at the top of the Zoom screen.



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