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Qualtrics is the survey tool for the UT System and is a powerful and flexible web survey tool for all of your survey needs.
Signing in to Adobe.com, installing desktop apps, signing out.
Install and manage the installations of your Microsoft Office software
What's FileMaker?
Sponsor a NetID for a new employee prior to start date, visiting or adjunct faculty, someone working for UT but not paid by UT, or a retiree still doing work for the university.
What you can do with a NetID, how your get one, and how to look up your NetID
You can now share your documents in SharePoint with outside resources such as research partners, colleagues, vendors, clients, or customers. Options to collaborate with guests include on a document or on a site.
Know when to use OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and OnBase
Learn more about Zoom.
Keep your files and folders organized with the 5S method.
Think of a DIY Zoom meeting first and reserve a Zoom webinar for large public events (300+ attendees) with panelists and little interaction with the participants.
Linkedin Learning - no cost to you training for faculty, staff, and students!
SharePoint is a suite of tools that allow for online collaboration including file sharing, data storage and retrieval, and workflow processes.
Windows users can learn how to use the Unity Client with this handy guide.
Employees, learn about changes to your access to Microsoft 365 (including email), the UTHSC network, and other technology resources when you leave the university.
UTHSC Microsoft 365 Email Setup Instructions for setting up Outlook for Windows, macOS, App (iOS | Android), and Other Mail App
Activation steps, short videos, and clear instructions designed to help you get started using RingCentral
Learn to remote into your office Mac computer from another computer.
ITS’s goal is to support UTHSC during the digitization journey from paper to electronically stored documents, on the road towards full digital transformation (Dx)! We offer OnBase, OneDrive, and SharePoint as a digital/electronic solution to document storage.
Services offered for personally owned computers and devices
Learn to remote into your office Windows computer from another computer.