Difference between Adobe Fill and Sign and Adobe Sign

Adobe Fill and Sign is free with Adobe DC (formerly Adobe Acrobat Pro). With Adobe DC, faculty and staff can create a signature and drag and drop it onto a PDF document. There is an icon of a pen at the top of Adobe Acrobat.

When you click this, it initiates Fill and Sign and asks that you create a signature. This is suitable for most forms requiring a signature. 

However, there are certain situations where a certificate-backed signature is necessary. You may need to initiate a chain of signatures for a document, and you want to track the entire process inside Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Sign can be used for these purposes, and a request should be made here: Service - Adobe Sign: Access Request.

If you are signing documents for the Business and Finance department at UTHSC, you need to use DocuSign instead of an Adobe product. Adobe Sign should NOT be used to sign UTHSC finance documents, documents containing HIPAA-protected data, or any documents that need an official UTHSC signature. You can use DocuSign instead. To obtain DocuSign, please have your business manager send a request to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations for approval and setup.


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