Microsoft 365 Email Security Features


The Safe Documents, Safe Links, and Safe Attachments services are part of Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). The University has upgraded the Microsoft accounts of all faculty, staff, and students to help protect them from email phishing attempts and malicious links, websites, and email attachments. 


Safe Documents - Safe Documents scans opened Office documents in Protected View or Application Guard for Office.

Safe Attachments - Safe Attachments uses a virtual environment to check attachments in email messages before they're delivered to recipients (a process known as detonation). 

Safe Links - Safe Links is a feature that provides URL scanning and rewriting of links in inbound email messages. When hovering over a link in Outlook or Outlook Web, the message will show the actual URL of a link. For other clients and mobile devices, Microsoft Safe Links rewrites scanned URLs to Microsoft’s standard URL format. For more information, see Microsoft Safe Links: General Information and Troubleshooting.

Safe Links HTML Text

When you hover over the link, you will see the original URL. 

Safe Links HTML Text

Safe Links Malicious Site Warning
Safe Links Warning


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