Microsoft Power BI, Visio, Project, Visual Studios, and Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN): Request License

Request purchase from Microsoft campus agreement, some common requests are SQL servers and RDS Cals. Purchases for individual user licenses for Microsoft Visio, Visual Studios/MSDN, Project, and Power BI.   Click on Download Software Purchase Order Form to access request form.  Additional information on Visio and Project licenses can be found below:

Microsoft Visio Pro

Visio is not available for the Mac IOS, but Mac users can access Visio through Office 365 online.

What is Visio?

There are three purchase options for Visio Pro:

  1. Purchase of the current version of Visio Pro and no annual renewal available, $53.40.
    • available immediately
  2. Traditional install that does not get assigned to a user in Office 365, Visio Pro, $45.60 each/year
    • download is available before purchase
  3. Assign to a specific user in Office 365, but it also includes the download for that user (not just online), Visio Online Pro, $24.00 per user/year.
    • will be available the first of the month following purchase

How to Order

Click the Download Software Purchase Order Form button to download the order form.

Microsoft Project

What is Microsoft Project? 

There are three purchase options for MS Project:

  1. Project Professional Outright Purchase with Media is 101.98 Available immediately
  2. Project Professional Online is 104.00 per year auto renewed each January unless you send us a cancellation notice before Dec 1.  
  3. Project Premium Online is 112.00 per year auto renewed each January unless you send us a cancellation notice before Dec 1.

When asked for software code, use:

  • Project Online Professional: leave code field blank
  • Project Online Premium: software code: 7TR-00001
  • Project Professional desktop application: software code: H30-04027

How to Order

Click the Download Software Purchase Order Form button to download the order form.

How to Install

Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium (web-based):

  1. Go to
  2. At top right of page, click down arrow beside “Install Office” and choose Other install options
  3. Choose Apps & devices in left frame
  4. Find purchased Project product and choose Install

Project Professional desktop application

  1. CD is shipped immediately upon order receipt
  2. Install from CD

Microsoft 365 

Attention Business Managers:

To purchase a Microsoft 365 desktop application license for part-time faculty or staff, please contact the UTK Office of Information Technology (OIT) HelpDesk by phone (865.974.9900) or submit a ticket online at  Be sure to supply the billing account number and the employee's NetID.  The charges will be billed monthly until OIT is notified by the department to discontinue the license.  Currently, the fee if $4/month ($48/year). It usually takes a few days to process and sync the license through the system.

There is no similar program for Adobe Creative Cloud.  Our Adobe contract only allows licenses for active employees.  A Student and Teacher subscription can be purchased directly from Adobe at:


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