Sunapsis - Office of International Affairs

Hosting Method Vendor
Authentication method CAS/DUO
Data import/integration with which UTHSC systems? Banner
Access URL [External ONLY]
End users Staff only
Owner Dir. Office of International Affairs  (OIA)
Software/product administrator(s)
ITS Systems
System administrator(s)
Sheila Roby-Rhodes (ITS); Connie Lauridsen Childs (OIA)
Contact information;
Vendor (if not developed in-house) Indiana University  []
Support provider(s) Indiana University []; OIA []
Contact information [on request]
Date of transition to operations 9/1/2021
Added to or updated in IT Service Catalog? No
IT Service Catalog entry owner  


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Mon 11/1/21 11:02 AM
Tue 11/2/21 9:57 AM