Data Ownership: OnBase

How Does Data Ownership Apply to OnBase?

Data Owner is responsible for:

  • Defining the level of quality and standards for the documents scanned and indexed into OnBase
  • Defining naming conventions for documents scanned and indexed into OnBase
  • Defining the data steward roles and responsibilities.  This includes:  
    • Identifying who are the data stewards (i.e., individuals within your department/group who will have access to OnBase)
    • Determining their responsibilities and required level of access/permission (e.g., scanning, indexing, editing, viewing, deleting)
  • Determining document sharing needs (who should have access to documents outside of your department)
  • Reviewing access controls on a scheduled basis  (i.e. who has access and at what level, the controls over granting access, changing access levels, and revoking access)
  • Determining the business processes for OnBase use
  • Determining how data and documents will be printed/distributed/viewed
  • Determining the records retention requirements
    • Document how long documents will be retained
    • Determine if documents will be automatically deleted/purged or inactivated/archived
  • Planning for system outages, business continuity, and disaster recovery 

Data Owner Action Items

Participate in initial OnBase “project” setup

  • Provide a documented, well-defined business process
    • How will OnBase change your current business process?
    • Will workflow be utilized?
    • How will documents be reviewed for quality control?

Perform periodic reviews of who has access to your documents

  • Data Custodian will provide necessary reporting to assist in annual review, upon request
  • Is current structure still appropriate?  (e.g., access. storage, retention policy)
  • Submit documentation to correct/remove access as needed
  • Work with Data Custodians to update structure where necessary
  • Maintain internal documentation to support reviews & project documentation
  • Who has access/permissions to reports

Define your Records Retention Needs

  • A clear, well-defined retention plan will ease the automation in OnBase
  • Schedule periodic review of your documents
  • Define purge & archive criteria at the custom document level (indexing)

Who should be the Data Owner?

Process owner level

  • Functional/business process

Data Custodian

  • OnBase Product Manager (ITS)

Are you the right person to own this data?

  • If the data owner has changed, be sure to submit an OnBase Request to notify ITS of this change.  
  • The functional leader of the area is a good candidate to be the data owner.  A proxy or delegate, who may have more hands on or daily responsibilities over the data, can be named the data steward.
  • The data owner is ultimately responsible and accountable for the security and integrity of the data.
  • The data steward is assumed to have authority in the absence of the data owner.  The data steward works under the guidance of the data owner to maintain a proper level of security and integrity.

Information Technology Services Role

The OnBase Product Manager

  • Serves as the Data Custodian for OnBase
  • Coordinates with the various ITS departments to support the OnBase technology
  • Acts as the single point of contact with the vendor
  • Helps Data Owner/Data Stewards meet departmental goals
  • Implements the strategy and rules you determine for your data
  • Ensures data is protected through:
    • OnBase application-level support and expertise
    • Security controls
    • Backups, retention, off-site storage

How do you get help?  Submit an OnBase Request to:

  • Learn more about OnBase 
  • Request a new project or changes to your existing OnBase project
  • Request access to OnBase for a new user or a change in access privileges
  • Request training
  • Add new document types or keywords
  • Request a Unity Client license


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