OnBase: Overview

OnBase helps you work smarter, not harder!

OnBase by Hyland is the tool to help UTHSC on the road toward digital transformation. OnBase provides a storage location for your electronic documents. Robust security allows you to decide who can scan, view, redact, and delete documents.

Interested in converting paper documents to electronic format? Is OnBase right for you?

  • Tired of all those boxes of paper documents?
  • Working remotely, and can’t get to your paper files?
  • Worried about paper documents somehow being destroyed and you don't have a backup?
  • Need more office space? Reclaim your file room!
  • Improve productivity and reduce rework by switching from paper shuffling to online workflows
  • No need to photocopy that stack of paper! Scan it once and securely share with the people who need it!

Our OnBase future includes Unity Forms (to replace paper and .pdf forms) and workflow capabilities (allows documents to be routed to a group of individuals for approval).

Did You Know?

Microfilm & fiche have a 50-year life span? Now’s the time to convert them to a digital format (PDF or TIF) before they degrade!

Sound like something you would be interested in learning more about? Complete an OnBase Request for a Consultation Session and we’ll help you decide if OnBase is the solution for you!

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