OnBase: Off Campus Usage FAQs

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If you at home, you must VPN into the network when using either the Unity Client or accessing OnBase through the web. 

Do I need a UTHSC laptop?

Yes. All UTHSC laptops are encrypted, configured for security, and have antivirus software installed. For these reasons, a UTHSC laptop should be used rather than a personal one. We have a Faculty and Staff Resources for Working Remotely webpage with more guidelines on working from home.

My laptop does not have the Unity client. How do I get it?

If you have a Windows PC, you can request the Unity Client installation through the Service Catalog. You will need to include your PC name (learn how to find the PC name) in the request.

You will also need the VPN client installed to log into OnBase from home. If the laptop does not have this installed, then you can download the VPN software.

There is no Unity Client for the Mac, so you will need to use the web client.

I use the web client. Can I access it from home?

You can access the web client from home, but you will need the VPN client to log in. Download the VPN software

How do I scan documents into OnBase from home?

For regular scanning (not batch scanning), we recommend following the same procedures you would physically at the office while you are at home.

You should always take precautions to upload documents into OnBase and not have them physically stored on your computer.

If you must scan documents to the PC directly, we recommend setting up your Microsoft OneDrive as the default storage space for your scanned documents. That will ensure that the documents do not get stored locally on the machine and provide protection. This should be especially true for any documents with PII (personally identifiable information).

If your department utilizes batch scanning, then there is a separate licensing process that must occur before you can begin. Please submit a request through the Service Catalog.

Can I print/download documents while home?

Just as with scanning, your permissions will be the same when you log into the client from your home or off-site. However, you should still adhere to all the security requirements set forth


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